Data & low Voltage Systems

In addition to the turnkey projects the following Electro-Mechanical systems were also executed.

  • Olayan Shopping Center, Riyadh
  • Tamimi Supermarket, Riyadh
  • MODA Printing press- Khamis Mushayt,
  • Indian Embassy Complex, Prince S.N. Sudairy Palace,
  • Burger King & Macbees Restaurants,
  • Saudi French bank head quarter building,
  • Saudi American Bank-headQauarter Bldg Murabba branch and Visa building
  • HVAC upgrading
  • Patriote Maintenance Workshop-MODA Jeddah,
  • Telephone Exchanges TEP 6 projects,
  • Najran Hospital extension ,
  • Yamama Palace guest villas 7 & 8,
  • Bin Khaldoun shopping center in Dammam.
  • Saudi Center for Organs Transplantation (SCOT) – Riyadh together with SBC.